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In the simplest terms, a dental implant can be thought of as a tooth root replacement, placed in your upper or lower jawbone. Here are some key features of dental implants:

  • They function, look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • Allow you to speak, laugh and smile with confidence.
  • Non-removable, and comfortably stay in place
  • Improve biting pressure
  • Cared for the same way you care for natural teeth
  • Cost less on average than a 3-unit bridge
  • When properly maintained, implants can last up to 20 years or longer
  • Unlike your natural teeth or a dental bridge, you can’t get a cavity with implants
  • Improve the quality of your life

The implant placement procedure is pretty straight-forward and painless. The procedure can be made even more comfortable with the use of intravenous (IV) sedation at our office. Integration of the dental implant with your jaw bone usually takes 3-6 months. Current evidence suggests that the 5-year survival rate of implants is about 95%, and 10-year survival rate is 85% – 90%. Failure is relatively uncommon, and is usually due to an infection, or the lack of integration for immunological or other reasons. Factors such as low bone density, smoking, a heavy bite, systemic disease (eg. diabetes), the health of neighboring tissues, and oral hygiene all play a major role in the longevity and success of the implant.

Can a dental implant be placed while I am sleeping?

Yes. At Uxbridge Dental Specialists, we offer the full spectrum of anesthesia – from totally awake… to totally asleep. So, whatever makes you most comfortable, if you request this additional comfort for the placement of your dental implant, we are pleased to accommodate you.