COVID-19 Plan


  • Hand sanitizing station placed at the building entrance: Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in all treatment operatories, sterilization centre, and throughout the office.
  • Reception desk plexiglass sneeze guard has been installed.
  • Surgically Clean Air Filtration units placed throughout clinic, and are in constant operation.


  • Every individual entering the clinic (dentists, staff, patients, delivery personnel, couriers, etc. will be required to undergo a health screening upon arrival.
  • Appointment confirmations will be made by phone, including the completion of a Covid-19 pre-screening questionnaire. A screening and consent form will be completed prior to an appointment. See Forms.
  • Patients feeling unwell prior to their scheduled appointment are encouraged to contact our office immediately to reschedule.
  • Patients arriving for their appointment are asked to remain outside of the clinic until one of our staff members comes outside to greet them.
  • We encourage patients to arrive wearing their own masks. Of course, if needed, we can supply you with one.
  • Upon arrival, the patient’s temperature will be taken and recorded by touchless thermometer. Any person exhibiting a fever will be asked to exit the office and reschedule their appointment to a later date.
  • Once a successful screening has been confirmed, treatment may proceed.


  • Clinical attire for dentists and staff will consist of scrubs that will be laundered on a daily basis. This will be the baseline body covering for non-aerosol generating patient appointments (examinations, consultations, taking of radiographs, simple extractions etc).
  • Disposable gowns will be worn for aerosol-generating appointments (restorations, root canals, crown preparations, occlusal adjustments and wisdom teeth extractions).
  • For all clinical procedures, dentists and staff wear one fit-tested N95 mask overlayed with a Level 3 surgical mask, face shield and disposable gloves.
  • Dentists and staff will wash and/or sanitize hands before placement of PPE.
  • Once an aerosol-generating procedure has been initiated, the dentist(s) and staff will remain within the operatory until the procedure has been completed and PPE has been removed.
  • During the procedure, movement of staff between front office and clinical areas is discouraged.
  • Dentists and staff will wash and/or sanitize their hands upon removal of PPE.
  • Upon removal of instruments and disinfection of the operatory following an aerosol-generating procedure, there will be at least 30 minutes of aerosol settling time allowed before subsequent use.


  • We encourage patients to make payments to their account using credit or debit card.
  • Commonly touched items and areas of the clinic (POS terminal, door handles, light switches, counters and chairs) are sanitized with antimicrobial wipes between each patient.
  • Each staff member should use their own pen and keep on their person.
  • We encourage all visitors to use the hand sanitizer stations at the entrance, both upon entering and leaving the clinic.
  • We ask that patients dispose of all personal trash directly into garbage receptacles and take all person items with them when leaving.


  • All staff members are to follow physical distancing recommendations of 6 feet / 2 metre interpersonal space throughout the workday, including lunchtime.
  • We will no longer allow friends or family members to accompany patients with scheduled appointments. Only children under age 12 years, patients with disabilities or seniors requiring assistance may have ONE person accompany them to their appointment. However, ONLY the patient will be allowed into the treatment operatory.